Entry #1

I'm new =3

2008-06-21 06:34:52 by MagicJump

Hello every body.

I'm new in Newgrounds, but just a few of minute and I see that it's a great site =D

I speak French, so sorry for my bad english.

I try to speand a lot of time for my animation and I hope that you will to like theme.

See you later



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2008-06-21 11:27:06

good of you to join us we hope you will be reconized as a good artist unlike certain others.

MagicJump responds:

I try to integrate Newgrounds and people look friendly.

Thanks you



2008-06-24 18:12:26

good luck in the futur = 0

MagicJump responds:

Thank you



2008-10-07 16:48:13

hey..... im from switzerland too


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